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Today I'm interviewing fellow Black Opal Books writer Cathrina Constantine. Her debut YA novel, WICKEDLY THEY COME, was released last week and, happily for me, she made time to stop by my blog for an interview.

Some of you pointed out that I haven't updated my blog in a while and, dammit, you're right. I plan to resume regular updates on Mondays (starting September 9th), but I'm going to concentate on interviews, album and book reviews.

As always, I will continue to run my regular sex advice column with its focus on feminine issues. That never ends.

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Next Week: I'm going to review Earl Sweatshirt's new album "Doris." For reals.

And now, Cathrina:

What’s your favorite joke?

I love, love jokes! Laughter is the best medicine—isn’t that how it goes? Though, I’m the worst joke teller. I can’t write one particular favorite, there’s too many!

(As I always do, I thus offer up my own joke. In keeping in line with my sex advice column note above - Jokes about menstruation aren't funny. Period.)

Can you describe your best moment in publishing, so far?

That’s an easy question. It was back in October of 2012, after the arduous task of sending out numerous queries. In two days I received three offers of representation. I was flying high!

What started your interest in paranormal fiction?

Since I was a child I’d had a fascination with anything out of the ordinary: Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, witches, goblins, dragons...and on and on.

What are some of your other artistic enjoyments (movies, TV, poetry, etc.)?

I take profound pleasure in movies. I could watch a movie every night of the week. I also love going to the theaters to see plays. I like TV, but the past years have been pretty slim pickings for my enjoyment.

What’s been the hardest part of getting your debut novel ready for publication?

Promotion. I’m not one to blow my own horn. Gathering a promotional package is daunting, hard work.

Thanks, Cathrina, for joining me on my blog.

Here's an excerpt from her book. See you soon.


Evidently, Asa had finally decided the time had come to make their lives a living hell.

“Watch out!” Jordan cried.

The two goons knocked Seeley to the mat. They tied her wrists then hefted her to her feet, facing Jordan. The man with the bloody nose mopped his face and then, without warning, hit Seeley in the chin. Her head snapped back as Jordan screamed. Seeley held onto consciousness, though her head swirled and her throbbing chin began to swell.

“You bitch—” the man shrieked, glaring at Seeley. “I think you broke my nose.”He then walked over to Jordan, grasped her chin with bloody fingers, and drooled. “Young—tender—meat—”

The demon restraining Seeley sounded anxious. “Hank, we’re not allowed to kill her.”

Hank gestured to Seeley. “This lady’s fair game, there’s a high price on her head. We’ll be greatly rewarded.”

The other demons nodded with crooked smirks. “We’re allowed to stay and play as long as we bag souls for his gain. The more souls, the longer we get to stay.”

“Why? Don’t you like your fiery perdition?” Seeley said dryly.

Her remark infuriated them, returning Hank to gloat in front of Seeley. Using the distraction, Jordan subtly tried to weasel her way out of the chokehold.

With his left hand, Hank grabbed Seeley’s ponytail, tugging her face close to his red eyes. They looked like hot coals as he sneered. “We’re not ready to leave, not with all this fun we’re having. Souls are jamming the highway to hell—we just nudge them in the right direction.” A gawky sound rattled in his throat, forcing Seeley to breathe in his foul breath. “Your kind of souls are a pain in the ass.”

Hank dug a switchblade out of his pocket. With a decisive snap, he held the silver blade to Seeley’s throat.

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