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I mentioned last week that I’m participating in the Blogger Book Fair. I interviewed two writers and I’m placing the interviews today and tomorrow. And I’m appearing on their sites! Which is nice, because I never get invited anywhere.

The first writer is Lucie Smoker, who I met through the BBF and now we’re totally friends. I’ve started reading and enjoying her novel, DISTORTION, and I’m happy to present her work to you. She also has a deep, studied interest in art, which permeates her writing and is the kind of thing too many writers neglect. Also, she’s a freaking bodybuilder! So, you know, don’t piss her off.

You can read Lucie's interview with me at this link.

Here’s Lucie’s bio:

Lucie's imagination grew up at Little House on the Prairie and at 221b Baker Street.  Her best friends were her little sister Minnie, the Hardy Boys and the Count of Monte Cristo.  Like them, her life followed a path of adventure, sometimes intrigue.  Then she finally fell in love and found home down a long, empty road.  

What's your favorite joke?

I tend not to tell jokes. In my writing, humor seeps in as situations.  It surprises me when a reader tells me they were laughing through a chapter.  Probably has something to do with my laughing while writing it. 

(Ed. Note: In that case, I’ll tell a joke. “How many of you believe in telekinesis? Raise my hand.” You’re welcome.)

How do you relax when you're not writing?

I work out.  As a bodybuilder, I lift weights and do yoga.  Solace in strength. 

Do you have a favorite art period or style? If that's an answer that constantly changes, is there one style to which you constantly return?

I would have to say cubist, especially the Picasso/Braques brown period. I think it brings out that something that lesser art so often forgets:  to show us the thing we cannot see.  

Given that DISTORTION was a mystery and your interest in art, is there another type of art form you'd like to explore? Or another genre in which you want to write?

Yes, Adele's purpose as the artist sleuth is to uncover new types of reasoning, based in art.  I featured reverse perspective in DISTORTION for its value to mystery.  By forcing us to look in the background, the image brought out clues to solving a crime. Using reverse perspective as a way of thinking, Adele led the investigation in new directions, eventually through using that mindset they foiled the killer.  

Street artists like Banksy and ROA use  technique and mindset called paradox to expose aspects of our culture that make no sense. Their work is more aggressive, a form of political activism. As a result, my next book, PARADOX, will also be more aggressive.  My protagonist sees paradox as a break in the investigation.  By exploiting the things that seem unreal, out of place, or impossible, she deduces facts that would have been impossible to find with only deductive logic.  

Can you describe your best moment in publishing (so far)?

By far it was the few days when I had two publishers interested in my book.  I had to actually tell one of them, "no thank you," before inking a contract with the other.  It took some faith but I couldn't be happier that I chose Buzz Books USA.

You can learn more about Lucie Smoker and her work here, and you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter. And remember to follow me as well. New interview coming up tomorrow!


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